Mediawasp For PR

mediawasp logoMediawasp acts as a simple and effective tool to host press materials online within a dedicated online newsroom page. This makes it easier for journalists to access and use resources at any hour and saves time in distributing files, freeing you to concentrate on the important role of brand and relationship building. Journalists visit newsrooms for stories, background and materials, and can easily follow particular brands of interest.

A mediawasp newsroom and its content are owned and operated entirely by you. mediawasp eliminates the need to send out bulky email attachments which sometimes cannot be opened by the recipient or are blocked by firewalls.

Take the drudgery out of press mailings and responding to routine media enquiries. That saves time and cost, and enables you to focus more on building close relationships with your key media contacts.

mediawasp helps journalists see the bigger picture. Allowing journalists to see all your archive of news, images and information ensures they get a better understanding of your client and its messages.

mediawasp makes you available even when you are not at your desk. With all your client’s information, press releases, stats, images and video available within a mediawasp online newsroom,
journalists can obtain the material they need even when you are out of the office, in a different time zone, or coping with a crisis.

mediawasp acts as your extra member of staff, available whenever a journalist needs them at a fraction of the cost of an extra salary.

Build a newsroom element into a client’s website. The mediawasp newsroom can be embedded into the press page of your client’s website which can be easily updated, eliminating the costly expense of paying a web designer to create one for them.

The user area of mediawasp is built to be clean, simple and easy to use so that you do not have to expend valuable time in keeping the newsroom up to date. And all your media material is safe - mediawasp is backed up on a daily basis.

80% of journalists look online first when researching a story. Press materials hosted within a dedicated online newsroom ensures that your client’s information, and your contact information, can be found online by search engines and those searching for your news.

Amplify your messages through social media. Once uploaded to a newsroom you will be able to distribute press materials to multiple social networks, raising public awareness as well as ensuring that your information is where journalists access for research.

For more information please contact the team at mediawasp on 020 7403 6900 or email