Mediawasp For Journalists

mediawasp logomediawasp is a community of information-rich newsrooms where pr agencies and brands can store press materials in a journalist-friendly format.  It improves on facilities like the 'press page'  that may be online, but are not usually easy to find or download information from. By bringing all the newsrooms together the type of information journalists need will be much more accessible. 

Each company or brand will have its own newsroom that is extremely simple to navigate. All images and video can be instantly downloaded from there so there will be no need for bulky email attachments going back and forth between journalists and a PR teams.  The highly visual library and archive format means the images and videos and other press materials can be viewed as often as you like and then downloaded once the best ones have been identified, and since the newsroom is available around the clock you can work to your own time frames and deadlines.

The information displayed will be written with journalists in mind which means there will be no need to wade through the kind of marketing information intended for consumers that is often available on company websites.  The information will be news oriented and has the capacity to show how brands are connected to each other. It will also display links to other related sites for research and list spokespeople.

Another key element to the newsroom is the mediawasp search engine. It allows you to find information by topic or industry. If you would like kept proactively updated on topics of particular interest just click to ‘follow’ a brand or event and you will be notified each time that newsroom area is updated.

Journalists will be able to:

• Access company business information, news, photographic and video press material from one place.
• Avoid wasting time with images that wont open or crash PC's and falling foul of firewalls. Simply download from the site instead.
• Instantly download any press information 24/7
• Select just the right images or video from a library of user-friendly files that they can go back to as often as they like.
• Quickly identify all relevant spokespeople on any given topic and the best ways to contact them.
• Subscribe to industry information and automatically receive updates on topics they are researching as they are released.