Mediawasp is an easy and cost effective way for organisations and PR agencies to create online newsrooms for their brands.

A central hub where company information, news, press releases, staff profiles, images and video clips can be displayed in an easy to navigate online framework, which journalists can be directed to via a personalised link or use the community search engine to find information by key word or topic.

How does it work?

Each company or brand have their own dedicated newsroom that is extremely simple to update, customise and manage.  It sits in a community of newsrooms that journalists will either be directed to or can proactively visit to search. It will host news bulletins, press releases, images and video. From this newsroom social media can also be updated and journalists can search by topic to find companies and spokespeople and be updated or 'follow' a particular company or event.

FACT:  80% of journalists look online first when researching a story. Isn’t that where agencies press information should be?

The newsroom features:

•  Company information
•  Contact and spokesperson information
•  Daily news feed Press release archive
•  Press ready image and photo archive
•  Press ready video archive
•  Press & Company contact information
•  Journalist  direct request for information facility
•  Social media update facility to send press information across social media sites
•  ‘Follow-me’ options so journalists can follow brands of interest
•  External links to any other company related websites
•  Business network information so journalists can see how companies and brands are connected