Metamorthosis Orthodontics
Metamorthosis Orthodontics
109 New King's Road
London, London
Metamorthosis Orthodontics

MetamorphosisOrthodontics, located in West London is the first-ever child only orthodontist practice, providing specialist dental treatments to prevent and correct teeth imperfections and ensure a lifetime of dental health.


Metamorphosishas also just launched one of the first thumb-sucking clinics in the UK.  With child thumb-sucking causing such extensive problem to teeth later on in life, Metamorphosis is emphasising the importance of prevention rather than cure.


Metamorphosiswas created by Dr Neil Counihan and Dr Runa Mowla-Copley.  Dr Counihan is one of the UK’s most respected orthodontists.  After studying dentistry at Kings College University in London he switched to specialise in orthodontics and trained at the prestigious New York University.

As a practice, Metamorphosis proudly boasts the most advanced technology available. A number of state of the art techniques including Invisalign, an effectively invisible brace where the progress is mapped out using 3D computer imaging, and Lingual braces that use bespoke brackets that attach to the back of the tooth.  The whole clinic has been designed with children in mind right down to the use of specialised LCD goggles that create a multi sensory distraction during dental procedures. However the most important element that puts Metamorphosisinto a class of its own, is the engagement between orthodontists and patient to ensure the utmost child friendly experience.