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Metamorthosis Orthodontics
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It is well known that this country has always been behind the United States when it comes to teeth and dental aesthetics.  But this is changing with the launch in the UK of the first ever children-only orthodontist. Metamorphosis in West London has been set up to provide specialist dental treatments to prevent and correct teeth imperfections and to ensure a lifetime of dental health and a dazzling smiles.

Metamorphosis is the creation of Dr Neil Counihan, one of the UK’s most respected orthodontists.  After studying dentistry at Kings College University in London he switched to specialise in orthodontics and trained at the prestigious New York University.

A passionate advocate of the value of good dental treatment, Dr Counihan believes the earlier children are seen the better the long term outcome.  The misconception that orthodontics is only to do with aesthetics is quite wrong, the correct orthodontic treatment  can overcome many oral imperfections such as bad bites and buck teeth - often labelled ‘goofy child syndrome’ - which are not just physical problems but can leave long term psychological damage too.  The right treatment can also help reduce the risk of gum disease or the need for realignment in adult teeth.

The level of importance that the British public attach to teeth is very low and has one of the poorest orthodontics’ rates per capita of any European country.  More startling still is the statistic that there is one orthodontist for every 200 children in the US, compared to the UK where the figure is one for every 39,000 children!   To put this statistic in context The Journal of Orthodontics has determined that 30% of children under 12 in this country have a great need for orthodontic treatment.  The longer the teeth are left, the higher the likely hood there is for a need of extractions.

As a practice, Metamorphosis proudly boasts the most advanced technology available. A number of state of the art techniques including Invisalign, an effectively invisible brace where the progress is mapped out using 3D computer imaging, and Lingual braces that use bespoke brackets that attach to the back of the tooth.  The whole clinic has been designed with children in mind right down to the use of specialised LCD goggles that create a multi sensory distraction during dental procedures. However the most important element that puts Metamorphosisinto a class of its own, is the engagement between orthodontists and patient to ensure the utmost child friendly experience.

Nicola, whose son Harry (aged 13) has just finished having treatment at Metamorphosis, gives her views on the Orthodontist:

Harry has just had his braces removed; and he really does have such a lovely smile!  Before we went to Metamorphosis we visited 3 other orthodontists and one dentist, thankfully we found Dr Neil Counihan.  Metamorphosis is such a friendly and welcoming practice, that Harry relaxed and trusted Neil; he made appointments fun, never something to dread.  It was incredibly important to us to have everything explained, so that Harry was always happy and relaxed throughout his treatment.  Metamorphosis has always felt very cutting edge; a top-end orthodontic treatment.”


For more information on Metamorphosis please contact:


Laura Holford-Walkerat The SPA Way on 020 7403 6900

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Notes to Editors:


  • Metamorphosis, 109 New King’s Road, London , SW6 4SJ
  • Founders are both leaders in interceptive treatments in children – the method of halting an unhealthy growth pattern
  • They are leading practitioners of the Damon system – a new and revolutionary fixed brace treatment
  • Dr Neil Counihan, Co-Founder, is considered one of the UK ’s leading orthodontists
  • Dr Runa Mowla-Copley, Co-Founder, is an experienced child orthodontist  


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