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Lily's Kitchen: A 'Proper Start'
Pet food specifically for puppies and kittens

Lily’s Kitchen, the certified organic and certified holistic pet food company is branching out to produce pet food specifically for puppies and kittens.

Due to numerous customer enquiries, the founder, Henrietta Morrison, realised there was a gap in her pet food offering. After researching what food and nutrients would give a puppy or kitten the best start, she set about creating unique recipes.

As well as smelling like home cooked meals, the holistically balanced ‘Organic Dinners’ are made from a selection of Organic Meat and Fish and include specially selected vegetables, fruits, grains and herbs such as Organic Dandelion, Organic Nettle and a variety of vitamins and minerals

The new range will add to the existing portfolio of delicious recipes and will enable owners to give their pets the best start.

Says Henrietta Morrison, Founder of Lily’s Kitchen: “People give children the best start in life through food, so why not do the same for pets? Feeding your pet a nutritious balanced diet from the start will not only ensure long term life, but will help daily health and vitality.Lily’s Kitchen strongly believes that ‘you are what you eat’ – and the same should go for your puppy or kitten.”

In November 2008, Henrietta Morrison, a former publisher set out to create a range of pet food using organic, holistic and human grade ingredients after noticing that her dog Lily was suffering from a series of skin complaints. Failing to find anything that would lift Lily’s spirits and clear her up her skin, Henrietta set about to create the first and only UK company to produce a range of certified organic and certified holistic pet food. 

The range now includes 13 recipes, including a range for cats and dogs including Slow Cooked Lamb Hotpot to Homestyle Chicken and Turkey Casserole.  Made in small batches to keep all the nutrition locked in, each recipe is full of beneficial organic herbs including nettle, burdock root,spirulinaand rosehips offering health benefits to the pet’s coat, digestion and immune system.

Committed to making a difference to the environment, all Lily’s Kitchen packaging is recyclable or compostable, while ingredients are sourced from growers who are committed to a sustainable environment. 


For further information please contact Suzanne Leggetter or Sophie Phillips at The SPA Way on 020 7403 6900 or at

Notes to Editor:

  • The range includes:

Dog food:

  • Slow Cooked Lamb Hotpot
  • Beef, Potato and Vegetable Dinner
  • Homestyle Chicken and Turkey Casserole
  • Goose and Duck Feast with Fruits
  • Organic Chicken and Vegetable Bake
  • Organic Chicken & Spelt Supper
  • Organic lamb & Spelt Supper
  • Organic Beef & Spelt Supper
  • Organic Dinner for puppies

Cat food:

  • Organic Dinner with Fish
  • Organic Dinner with Chicken
  • Organic Dinner with Lamb
  • Organic Dinner for Kittens
  • Lily’s Kitchen has recently been named as the‘Best Pet Food Company in the UK 2009’ by the Ethical Good Shopper Guide.

Stockists include over 350 shops, including Harrods, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic as well as independent retailers and vets. Also online from

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A range of pet food using organic, holistic and human grade ingredients
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