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Brand New Thumb-sucking clinic launches
Brand New Thumb-sucking clinic launches
Metamorphosis has just launched a brand new Thumb-sucking Clinic

Metamorphosis has just launched a brand new Thumb-sucking Clinic in West London.  For further information please see or contact.

Metamorphosis launches london's first thumb sucking clinic.

Soft angelic locks, plump rosy cheeks and thumb in mouth; a child sucking their thumb is symbolic of cuteness.

BUT did you know while it might seem an adorable habit to begin with, in many cases it can lead to the development of ‘goofy child syndrome’, which is when the shape of a child’s face is compromised.

In order to help children before the serious problems arise is the launch of London’s first Thumb Sucking Clinic at Metamorphosisin West London. The clinic has been set up to provide specialist treatment from 8 to 18  in order to help children and parents alike tackle the growing problem.

According to Dr Neil Counihan co-founder of Metamorphosis, continuous thumb sucking from a young age can affect the shape of a child’s face and in serious cases can cause problems with the skeletal development of the mouth and the alignment of the teeth.  In other words the palate changes, teeth are pushed forward and buck teeth and dental bite problems can arise, but for many children stopping sucking their thumb is not so easy.  Dr Counihan believes that prevention is better than the cure.  Instead of parents watching their children’s  problem get worse, they need to take action.

One of the main problems with thumb sucking is it is instinctive behavior of children, as many start sucking their thumb from as early as 15 weeks (when they are still in the womb), so are often unwilling to stop, especially when told to do so by a parent. According to The American Dental Association, it is children who continue sucking their thumb beyond the age of 4 or 5 years who are likely to develop serious problems. And while it looks cute when they are young, common problems such as goofy child syndrome can create more than just physical complications. 

It is also a fact that thumb sucking in older children can lead to bullying and teasing from older children which can lead to social difficulties for the child.

The Thumb Sucking Clinic at Metamorphosis opens its doors on the 1stJune 2010, to make an enquiry or book a consultation call 020 7731 1077. 

Other Interesting Facts:

  • A child often sucks their thumb when they are tired, upset or bored as it is both therapeutic and soothing.
  • Three quarters of infants suck their thumb in their first year.
  • Specialists believe that thumb sucking is borne out of the necessity of breastfeeding.
  • Fictional characters often seen sucking their thumb are Peanuts and Prince John (in Walt Disney’s Robin Hood)
  • Thumb sucking can also create lesser problems such as chapped lips, cracked skin, calluses and finger nail infections.

Laura Holford-Walkeror Rebecca Keen at The SPA Way on 020 7403 6900

Or by email:

Notes to Editors:

  • Metamorphosis, 109 New King’s Road, London , SW6 4SJ
  • Founders are both leaders in interceptive treatments in children – the method of halting an unhealthy growth pattern
  • They are leading practitioners of the Damon system – a new and revolutionary fixed brace treatment
  • Dr Neil Counihan, Co-Founder, is considered one of the UK ’s leading orthodontists
  • Dr Runa Mowla-Copley, Co-Founder, is an experienced child orthodontist  
Brand new thumb-sucking clinic just launched
Brand new thumb-sucking clinic just launched
Metamorphosis orthodontics have just launched a brand new thumb-sucking clinic.

Metamorphosis are proud to announce that we have just launched London's first thumb-sucking clinic.

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