About Media Wasp

mediawasp iconPress pages within company websites were the first steps to bringing a brand's press materials online.  Since then the way we share information, the rise of social media and the shear amount of information that can be shared online has created a need to update the online press tools available. mediawasp is designed to take the press page idea to the next level.

All press materials can be put in a highly accessible mediawasp newsroom, it can be branded, and information searches and updating social media can become much easier. Since SEO is key in Internet marketing, getting searchable information off hard drives and on to the Internet is extremely beneficial.

By creating a central hub within the Internet for sharing press materials mediawasp assists in streamlining and strengthening communication between the PR industry and the media. PR companies can send one newsroom link to a journalist who in turn can then access all of the information within that newsroom.

The mediawasp newsrooms will continue to develop and grow to stay in line with new technologies and reflect the relationship between PR and the media.

The newsrooms are free for journalists to use and we have consulted with both PR professionals and journalists in developing the service.  We will always be open to hearing views and ideas to make this form of information sharing work in absolutely the best possible way.